Apple is Testing New Watch – Might Feature a Curved Bendable Glass

Alright, the rumors are definitely picking up on so-called iWatch – probably like a wrist-watch – an innovative watch that Apple is closely working on lately.  Projects such as Pebble watches and anti-Pebble watch on crowd-funding sites are getting massive response from people… Well, no wonder if Apple jumps in with something unique in design.

There were rumors of Apple working on a Bluetooth wrist watch project using Intel chips but the idea did not interest plenty of people it seems and we never heard about it later. This time is a little different because, few spiced up news are coming in on regular intervals.

The news is coming from two trusted sources on a condition of non-disclosure of their names that, Apple is working on a new innovative product, possible a wearable device (like a wrist-watch).

Apple is Testing New Watch – Might Feature a Curved Bendable Glass

This new device will be running on iOS and might feature a bendable curved glass such as Corning Willow Glass. Note that, Corning is a manufacturer of ultra-tough Gorilla glass used in the new iPhone. Such a device can be very useful for making mobile payments through the company’s Passbook payment app.

It is also reported that, Apple has made significant amount of hiring for this newer venture. Most analysts believe that the technology is changing very fast and wearable computing devices to be the next big thing over a next decade. And, we have recently heard of Google Glasses – another wearable, technological advancement.

It is also believed that, Apple has begun discussing this project with their regular partner manufacturer Foxconn for large-scale production of devices other than iPhone and iPad.

All of these could be the earliest leaks about the new watch-like device and its release date doesn’t look anywhere on the horizon at the moment.

Apple is known for giving surprises and we’re definitely due on one any time soon. Will it be a television or a wearable computing device – is difficult to say at the moment.

We will definitely keep you updated with more news on this and meanwhile, do share your views on the story. Would you like to have a wrist-watch like device from Apple?



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