Tweak to get Windows Networking on iPhone, iPod, iPad

This jailbreak tweak brings Windows networking on iPhone, iPod and iPad. Once installed and configured, we can see and access our iDevice on Windows network just like any other PC along with its shared folders.

The name of the tweak is PC Networking. The best thing about this tweak is it does not need you to have SSH installed on your device. It is built on Samba networking protocol for Unix.

Camera roll and shared storage folder for can be accessed though its FREE version and requires an activation code which is available for purchase to get root access of the iPhone’s file system.

What is a PC Networking tweak?

PC Networking tweak brings Windows networking for iPhone, iPod and iPad, using Samba. This adds native Windows networking support on your iOS devices.

Once installed, your iOS device will appear in Windows Network locations, and you will be able to browse & transfer files normally like on a PC. The tweak options are under Settings & some devices might need a reboot before using this tweak.

NOTE: When the device goes into sleep mode, WiFi is disabled. PC Networking uses WiFi, so it needs your device to be awake to be accessible.

PC Network for iPhone is developed by Pierre-Marie Baty. Awesome work I must say. I am attaching screenshots below and have also highlighted few critical settings to be changed to get it to work.


Tweak to get Windows Networking on iPhone, iPod, iPad

Tweak to get Windows Networking on iPhone, iPod, iPad

Tweak to get Windows Networking on iPhone, iPod, iPad

Tweak to get Windows Networking on iPhone, iPod, iPad

System Requirements & Link

PC Networking works on most of the iPhones, iPods & iPad running iOs 3.x to iOS 7.x or later and is available through BigBoss Repo on Cydia.

If you’re looking for a .DEB file for PC Network then you can download it from here.

Pc Network 1.5 & 1.6 are more stable versions and works like charm than 1.3 which had few bugs.


This tweak is now updated with version 1.7 with SMB2 support which means faster directory browsing and transfers. It is also compiled against Samba 3.6.0

Update: Support for iOS 7

PC Networking for iOS tweak is now updated to version 1.22 & it is now compatible with the latest iOS 7.


It required me to restart my phone to get on to the network for the first time but only restarting springboard worked after every change in settings.

Also, make sure to use static IP under WiFi settings like other computers if your network is not DHCP enabled.

If you’re looking for an activation code then use the activate button under settings > windows on iPhone. Using this button will catch your device ID automatically and take you to the next page to pay for the app via PayPal.

I’m just happy to be able to use my iPhone as a device on Windows LAN. Makes things easier in a familiar environment.

Hope you like this 🙂


  1. Can you run a file i.e. if I have a movie on my PC can I run it from my iPhone instead of transferring and then viewing it. Thanks.


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