Nothing is as enjoyable as learning how to fly a drone!. Whenever you plan on doing so, it is good if you learn how to start small, with a strong drone which doesn’t cost the bank. It is recommendable you do so as the chances of you crashing will be high.

Do not be tempted to believe those YouTube videos that claim “how easy it is to operate” and fly a drone. If you want to know the truth, ask experienced drone flyers. All will send you back with the same honest answer, “start small and cheap”.

Putting this in a consideration, we are happy to bring joy to all willing to learn how to fly a drone. We present to you Wingsland X1. This is the most efficient drone to start learning with. It fits both as a racing drone or the usual camera drone.

Made to Meet the Expected Standards

Wingsland is known to manufacture drones that are of high quality using modern technology. Despite being the best in quality, their prices are low compared to those of their competitors they are customer friendly.

Wingsland X1: Perfect Training Drone For Flying Camera & Racing

Wingsland X1 is fixed with a camera that can be adjusted in different positions. To fly at the top speed, set the camera on an upright angle. In case you want to fly the drone just like a normal camera drone, set the camera angle forward. The forward angle of the camera will help you record the drone’s footage and take snapshots.

Enhanced Experience

Wingsland X1 is fitted with optical flow sensors on its belly. The sensors are ideal to let the drone know how high it is from the ground. This enhances easy take-offs and better landings all the time. Press on the automatic take-off button for the drone to fly. When you want to land, press on the ‘landing’ button. The drone will slowly descend and give you a great landing every time.

The APP is just another feature used to control Wingsland X1 drone. For effective lessons on how to fly the drone. You can download this application onto your Android or iOS devices. Wingsland APP easily connects with the drone through WI-FI connections. Using this connection, the observations made by the camera are transferred to your Smartphone screen. When this is combined with first-person view goggles, it makes you feel like you are really inside the drone.

Wingsland X1 can also have a 360-degree flip by just pushing on the button. It also features a battery monitor within Wingsland Application. This will help you know when to bring down the drone and protect you from crushing.

In the package, it comes with spare blades and propeller protectors highly recommended for starters. In case you plan to use the drone with your children, the propeller protectors will protect them from any dangers.

When the blades break, the installation process is easy to follow and restore your drone to service. When you have no spares left, the blades are also cheap and available across the globe for all users to buy.

In conclusion, our reviews show that Wingsland X1 is not the drone you want to get into professional racing with. However, when you need better training on how to fly a camera or a racing drone, this is the best version you will come across. Consider purchasing yours today and enjoy learning how to fly and race with a drone comfortably.

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