There are many rumors taking place for iPhone 5 release. One of them we saw, was about launch taking place on September 7 but since iOS 5 is still in Beta that date is out of question now.

But according to leaked documents from a Best Buy source, iPhone 5 pre-order might begin this week which is expected to launch on Sprint. This new iPhone 5 will be thinner and lighter.

iPhone 5: Pre-order begins this week, Launch and Delivery in October?

The Best Buy (un-disclosed) store site is also scheduled for a mysterious ‘Apple Fixture’ installation on Friday, October 21 starting from 6 in the morning. This is very un-usual to have manager reporting at the store at 5am and large display installations taking place at 6am. Something is really iPhone-y here I guess.

iPhone 5: Pre-order begins this week, Launch and Delivery in October?

It is also reported that Best Buy Mobile Store managers are supposed to meet on October 10th prior to upcoming BIG release dates. So, the new Apple event is definitely taking shape and the news should be out very soon when they sent out press event invites.

And, that is not enough – as it happened with 3GS when newer iPhone launched, iPhone 4 prices will drop definitely.

I have my doubts about iPhone pre-orders to begin before any official announcement from Apple. But everything sounds very interesting for iPhone fans – I am sure. Isn’t it?

Update #1: It looks like there is another rumor and information from trusted sources is floating around the Internet. Apple is said to have an iPhone 5 launch event on October 4, 2011. I can only trust this date if the press gets their invites by September 24.

Important Update #2:

iPhone 4S launched. Pre-orders to begin on AT&T and Sprint from October 7 and will be available in stores from October 14, 2011.

(Source BGR, ThisIsMyNext)


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