There had been some fresh buzzy-fuzzy rounds on reports saying Apple will not approve of Google’s Map app on iOS. All this was ignited from interpretation of a so-called ‘report’ from some of the Google Maps team members.

Google Maps dev team were in fact skeptical on getting their iOS app approved for App Store than being confident on the forced rejection.

All the developers who create and sell apps on iTunes App Store, already know about the approval process before actually seeing the new or updated version on the App Store listings. Fearing rejection from the App Store is a common emotion among the developers. Not just that, sometimes a developer may even have to wait for approval for longer time than expected.

You can see a recent tweet from Quicklytics app developer. Clearly, all iOS app developers are emotional about their products… why wouldn’t they? 🙂

Apple has no interest in Google Maps app for iOS? No, It's not true.

Apple has no interest in Google Maps app for iOS? No, It's not true.

Apple has no interest in Google Maps app for iOS? No, It's not true.

There were also some reports saying, Google-developed apps are taking longer to get approved on App Store but I don’t think it’s as simple as that. With new iOS 6 and huge criticism over Apple Maps, probably they have decided to triple check apps before the approval.

Some may think this is a very idiotic way of doing things but such restrictions has always made sure the App Store is free from junk apps unlike on Google Play Store.

On other side, Apple CEO Tim Cook clearly addressed an apology over the Apple Maps fiasco in an open letter saying, users are free to try other map solutions available on App Store such as Bing, MapQuest, Waze, and can try Google maps or Nokia maps.

If in any way denying Google Maps app was intentional – above comment wouldn’t have appeared in public, again the same was extremely unlike of Apple that we know.

Apple App Store has over 650000 apps listed for download while very few those are developed by Apple themselves. It’s about offering multiple choices to their customers than holding dear their ego-system, if any.

Apple will have to approve the Google Maps app if it meets their quality guidelines… irrespective of their love for Apple Maps. And, CNET has clearly mentioned in their recent post.

I hope the mud surrounding any such questions gets cleared soon.

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