Samsung to Launch Galaxy S IV GT-I9500, Galaxy IV Mini and A Mysterious Device

Lot of buzz is going on with the Samsung’s next debutant in its flagship Galaxy series smartphones. All the leaked information suggests the code-name for this newer family is ‘Project J’, however recent updates from Sammobile clearly suggest of having multiple devices under the same ‘Project J’.

What are these new devices? You might ask…

Samsung Galaxy S IV (Altius)

The first and most-awaited is Samsung Galaxy S4 / Altius (mostly with its UAProfile GT-I9500) which is going to be more powerful than Samsung Galaxy S3. Galaxy IV is rumored to have following specifications:

  • Exynos 5 Octa eight-core processor
  • Mali-T658 eight-core graphics power
  • Massive 2GB RAM
  • 13 megapixel camera with
  • 4.99 inches fHD Super AMOLED display
  • Wireless charging capabilities

Now that’s really HUGE configuration for a mobile phone and I can guess some people to wonder about, if their slightly older Desktop has such a processor power!

If rumors are to be trusted, Galaxy S4 photos share the same design as Galaxy S3 & that will be a big turn-off for me. The back-plate for Samsung’s bigger devices is clearly missing a design offering a grip to comfortably use phones. I liked the new BlackBerry Z10 design, which looks great and very similar back-plate as Samsung Galaxy S2 and Note-1

This device is expected to launch on March 15, 2013.

Samsung to Launch Galaxy S IV GT-I9500, Galaxy IV Mini and A Mysterious Device

Samsung Galaxy IV Mini (Serrano)

It’s no surprise here to have a mini version of the Galaxy IV since last year, the company offered a Galaxy S3 Mini with a cut-down revision in display size, front-camera capacity and 8GB internal memory. Similarly, we will see Galaxy IV Mini too however, we might get to see it earlier this time.

A new Mysterious Device? (Fortius)

As told above, the company is planning to release three devices under Project J and this third device is a yet a mystery. Code-named ‘Fortius’, which means Stronger – could be the next rugged device from Samsung.

List of accessories to be available for Fortius are: Arm Band, Bike Mount and a Pouch. Which makes us think of this new device to be one of the two distinct options?

  1. A Watch: Samsung might come up with a smartwatch after the latest rumors about Apple iWatch. Not all, but more people are eagerly waiting for it. Samsung will have an upper hand if they decide to bring it on early. However, I suspect if a 1.5 inch smart watch would require accessories such as a Bike Mount or a Pouch? A chance for Samsung’s smart watch looks bleak with it though.
  2. Square-ish MP3 Player: Samsung never brought up an iPod Touch competitor – A smart MP3 Player that can do lot many things besides just playing the music. And, I can guess – Samsung don’t want to leave this space untouched after filling up successfully into tablet market and pioneering into a digital camera with Android.


Well, whatever it is – Samsung is planning even a bigger competition this time. Using Olympics Motto of Citius, Altius, Fortius (Faster, Higher, Stronger) for product code-names suggests a well planned device range for everyone seeking for it.

What’s your thought? Do share with us through comments, we’re eager to hear from you too.


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