BBM For Android & iPhone Is Now Available

Well, the day has finally arrived & now we can put all the rumors aside with this real news… coming directly from the makers. Yes – BBM release date for Android and iOS is confirmed. BBM for Android is set to release on September 21, 2013 & will be available for download for free from the Play Store whereas, BBM for iOS is set to release on September 22, 2013 & will be available via the App Store.

System Requirements

  • BBM for Android will work on ICS 4.0 & above
  • BBM for iPhone will work with iOS 6 & iOS 7

Download Links

BBM for both these platforms will feature the ability to chat, group chat (up to 30 friends) & update status messages.  Most of the features would be same on both platforms, while Android users may get to connect using NFC compatible devices.

However, the company has clearly been mentioned that; BBM Video Calling and BBM Voice Calling features will be made available in future updates for both Android & iOS.

PIN is required

To be able to use BBM on Android and iPhone, we will need to have our unique PIN.

BlackBerry has struggled to get some traction in smart phone scenario in the last couple of years, despite releasing the all new BB10 & revamped handsets.

Their decision of bringing BBM on both popular platforms might help them retain a large chunk of consumers who otherwise were shifting to Android or iOS to be able to stay connected with other friends – especially those who love BlackBerry as a device & mobile OS.

I am still not sure how it would replace or compete with WhatsApp Messenger or other messaging apps such as WeChat. Also – I wonder why BlackBerry has always taken delayed decisions. Let’s see how this new BBM plan works for them.

BBM on iPhone (Demo Video)

Update #2

After a major fiasco over launching the BBM app for iPhone on a scheduled date instead of Android (and never launching one of them) – RIM also made another blunder.

They have stopped showing any updates on BBM while added contacts using the PIN number still show locally on the iPhone. However, messages cannot be sent & received. The worst part is – the app does not show any notification or error to let users know about the situation. This incident will go in history as one of the biggest blunder from tech companies of our time.

Update #3: October 21, 2013

One month since its release date from history, RIM has now announced once again that they’re rolling out BBM for Android and iOS starting today. We have witnessed the fiasco earlier – now lets wait, what happens now.

Are you excited to see BBM on Android & iOS? If yes, do comment below to let us know why?


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