Galaxy Gear 2

Samsung Galaxy Gear – A new smart watch & a strong competitor to speculated iWatch, was launched during an event on September 4 in Berlin. Galaxy Gear, which works with Galaxy Note-3 and later devices, did manage to impress many people but certainly, not all. Why?

5 Reasons why you should not buy Galaxy Gear

Well, there are a several logical reasons behind not falling for the first iteration of the Galaxy Gear.

  1. It’s a companion gadget & only works on Note-3 or later high-end Galaxy Smartphones: As a gadget freak, I wouldn’t like to buy a smart watch that can only work with specific phone models. What if I decide to sell off my Note-3 & buy Moto-X! It doesn’t make sense to sell the watch with the phone – especially if there are no takers.
  2. Does not have a well-thought hardware combination:  I am not saying it has to have a 8-core CPU as it’s a companion device, but; it does not have a enough battery juice being a wrist-watch, the camera isn’t all that great (I wonder if it’s even needed), it’s an IP55 (5= Dust Protected, 5=Protected against water jets) product which means dust-proof & water-resistant whereas; I expect a watch to be at least IP57 or above (5= Dust Protected, 7= Protected against immersion). Makes sense, doesn’t it?
  3. The Note-3 & Gear-1 combo is way expensive: Both Note-2 and Gear-1 devices were launched today in India at a price of Rs. 49,990 & Rs. 22,990 respectively. This means – to buy both the gadgets one must shell out approx. 73 grand which is approx. US$ 1170. That’s a lot of money for a phone & a watch that works with that phone.
  4. It looks neat, but not the ‘one’: Galaxy Gear does look alright, but it doesn’t make me want one right away. The design is not that upbeat, which you would expect from companies like Samsung, including that of the software interface.
  5. Straps cannot be changed: It would be awkward not to be able to change the watch’s strap if it’s dirty or if you’re getting bored with one color. Camera on the Galaxy Gear is placed right on the strap & if you’re someone very active – you won’t have anyone to rescue, not soon at least

Samsung was trying & is listening

Samsung has managed to surpass Apple in smart phone sales & by making the closed-group, badly designed product such as Galaxy Gear would never bring more fans.

Samsung was most-likely trying to gauge some response from the market & is definitely listening to the voices raised during last two weeks. And probably the reason, the company has already started working on the next the Galaxy Gear.

Galaxy Gear 2.0

According to the Korean media, Samsung has already started development of the next Galaxy Gear 2.0. Galaxy Gear 2.0 will have an upgraded hardware specification & will include

  • A better design
  • A better hardware combination for a watch
  • A GPS to provide location data
  • Compatible with many phones (mostly all Android phones)

Samsung has plans to release Galaxy Gear 2.0 during the International Electronics Show (CES) happening in January or during Mobile World Congress (MWC2014) event taking place in February 2014.

Well, after a (kind of) disappointing start to the Galaxy Gear series – it would be interesting to see how Samsung bounces back with next wearable product. Do share your views via comments.


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