iOS 5: Speech Recognition, Speech to Text [Concept Video]

All the mobile devices had this feature up to a limited extent. iPhone has Voice Control that can play, pause, stop shuffle music, dial phone numbers etc.

Android took it to the next level and suddenly, speech to text or speech recognition feature of smart phone became the talking point of the World.

iPhone does not have a full-fledged feature in existing iOS hence Android users don’t miss a single opportunity to tease iPhone users about it & showing off this awesome feature. And why shouldn’t they?

iPhone does have nice text to speech and speech to text apps but They are limited to those specific apps only.

Speech Recognition, Improved Voice Commands and Speech to text are the most anticipated features of next iPhone OS 5 and iPhone 5 etc.

Apple is rumored to finalize a deal with Nuance ( the recognized global leader in speech recognition technology and patents) and may even take-over the company. Apple’s high interest in this company clearly indicates that, better voice recognition system is coming to iPhone very soon.


Since Apple is so interested in Nuance’s speech technology, it is obvious that they plan to implement speech recognition in iOS 5 to a much greater extent than in the past.

This is my take on how Apple could implement universal speech control (by holding down the home button and speaking various commands to navigate the phone or perform tasks such as making phone calls) and how the speech recognition technology could be used to put dictate text into any text field (by long-pressing a text field or double tapping an already selected field).

Obviously, the commands to navigate the phone are limitless (i.e. “open texts, open messages, launch text messages”, etc — all mean the same thing).

My concept is the unobtrusive and passive nature that Voice Control will have in the future — instead of taking up the entire screen to say a command, the status bar at the top changes to blue and tracks what you say.

iOS 5 Speech Recognition Concept Video

Speech Recognition Video on HTC Desire (Android)


Apple is known for sleeker design, application and I am really hopeful that they incorporate as sleek voice recognition as we saw in Jan-Michael Cart’s concept video. Thanks buddy.

Source Jan-Michael Cart.


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