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The Security Software You Should Have On Your iPhone

The Security Software You Should Have On Your iPhone

Apple’s 2019 launch was surprising for a number of reasons. A series that people expected to be nothing more than a stopgap while the...

Fake iOS Apps For WhatsApp & WeChat Password Floating On iTunes!...

I am writing this because it might help you save $1 & invaluable disappointment later. Fake, useless, or deceptive apps is not a new...

iOS 6: List of All The 200+ New Features

Apple released another iOS version in WWDC 2012 with over 200+ new features. Here is a complete list of new features available in iOS 6.
iOS 9: List Of All New Features & Changes

List Of All New iOS 9 Features & Changes (126+)

Every year, we saw new iOS announcement during the WWDC keynote, mainly focusing on the new features that’re making the platform more flexible &...
Get Text to Speech with Speak it App on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Get Text To Speech On iOS With The ‘Speak It’ App

Text to Speech emails, news, articles, documents with American and British Accent on iPhone. Save and Record sessions with Speak it! App on iTunes Store

Download All New iOS 7 Wallpapers & Ringtones (ZIP)

As we all know - Apple added new wallpapers and new ringtones to the IOS 7 GM build which were not available in earlier beta versions. These are...

WWDC 2012: Next iOS is most likely to appear with these...

iOS 6 - code named as Sundance - is most likely to be shown at Apple WWDC 2012 in California this June and is expected with these 5 features.
iPhone 6

iPhone 6 Will Have MacBook-like Illuminated Apple Logo & Slimmer Design

The new updates are coming every week about the new iPhone 6 designs & overall built, as we come close to the real official...

iOS 7: Complete List Of 200+ New Features

Apple releasing iOS 7 with plenty of new features and improved design. Here is a list of all the new features in iOS 7 including the change log.

iPhone 5: Pre-order begins this week, Launch and Delivery in October?

According to leaked reports, iPhone 5 pre-order to begin in Best Buy stores starting this week and shipping on October 21! Another iPhone 5 rumor or truth?
New iOS 8 Features – Full List & Details

New iOS 8 Features – Full List & Details (150+)

Looking For iOS 9 Features? Click here Apple today announced the next biggest release of the new iOS 8 since the launch of the App Store. The...

These 5 Features Are Definitely Coming In iOS 7 – Sources

An announcement about iOS 7 is expected in WWDC 2013 and Apple is definitely bringing some new cool features to get fresh outlook for their new mobile OS.