As we all know – Apple added new wallpapers and new ringtones to the IOS 7 GM build which were not available in earlier beta versions. These are definitely one of the most exciting additions I have seen on an IOS since the IOS. I expected them to revamp this section of the OS during both last occasions while drafting IOS 5 features and IOS 6 features. I am glad to be able to do it this time. 😀

Note: You can see full list of IOS 7 features here.

Some of you would not want to move to iOS 7 so soon, especially if you have a untethered jailbreak & don’t want to lose the freedom it offers. That’s because I thought of posting these new is 7 wallpapers and new alert sounds, ringtones for all my friends are going to sit tight on is 6 or even at 5 (if still using 3GS)

Also – if any one of you Android fanboys who secretly like Apple, you also might want to download these wallpapers & ringtones for your Android device.



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Download Links

How to use these ringtones?

Wallpapers can be synced by creating a separate folder for photos & for ringtones, follow the points below:

  • Connect phone & launch iTunes
  • Drag content from the zip file you just downloaded on to your device shown inside iTUnes
  • You shall now see ‘Tones’ tab under the device options
  • Go to the Tones tab & select sync options (All tones or selected tones)
  • Sync & Enjoy
  • You’re welcome 🙂

Enjoy all the new iOS 7 wallpapers & ringtones on your older iOS device.


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