This is that time of the year when iFans & developers are eagerly waiting for something new and exciting coming their way either on iOS, Mac OS and new hardware to play with. WWDC 2013 will take place from June 10 to June 14 in San Francisco and was sold out in a record time just after the announcement. Yesteryears’ iOS 5 and iOS 6 announcements were surely exciting as both editions saw 200+ new features and mods. They may not be as significant as that of Android but definitely had its moments.

This year we’ll be (most probably) witnessing an all-new iOS 7 under the new vision of Sir Jonathan Ive (Sr. Vice President, Design); after Apple fired Scott Forstall in October 2012 when he was Senior Vice President in the company as well as leading the iOS development.

We’re not yet fully informed about the entire list of new features in iOS 7, but we definitely have a list of 5 new features that are most-definitely expected to surface on the upcoming version of iOS. There are plenty of rumors and tons of iOS 7 concept arts floating around the web and trust me, most of them are not even practical.

Update: List of iOS 7 Features

This is to update you that after Apple officially released iOS 7 to developers, we’ve covered all the latest features of iOS 7 here. So, the list below may not be applicable any more. Thanks.

Anyway, let’s look at these practical features coming up according to our sources & not surprisingly – Apple is yet again taking inspiration from available jailbreak tweaks.

1] Quick Settings (Setting Toggles)

iOS 7 Settings Toggle
iOS 7 Settings Toggle

Ability to quickly change most-needed settings is missing big time on iOS. We expected it to be available on iOS 6 but couldn’t see anything even close. Cydia already has the most-useful quick settings app called SB Settings and NC Settings. I can’t imagine my iPhone without the SB Settings though.

In iOS 7 – the most important feature will have these quick settings positioned right on top of notification center. We’re expecting it either spread horizontally like on Android or stacked vertically with toggle boxes. We’ll never know the exact details until we see the first developer version of iOS 7 beta released.

2] Quick Reply for Messages

Quick Reply for Messages
Quick Reply for Messages

This is nothing new for jailbroken devices – there are already few tweaks available on Cydia offering similar feature for text messages and iMessages. However, Apple might go one step ahead and bring important fixes into the system by bringing Quick Reply options along with Quick Preview.

This will be added into the system apps and will have API for other apps to include the same. We might soon be able to quickly preview last messages on notification center / pop-up and then reply to it immediately without a need to open that particular app.

Even on Android, I feel this is missing & opening each different app with every other notification gets boring if need to do multiple times.

3] Lock-screen Widgets

Lock-screen Widgets (showing Cydia tweak IntelliScreen)
Lock-screen Widgets (showing Cydia tweak IntelliScreen)

Widgets are something iFans are looking for just to have an Android-like experience. But, Apple is known to not seem as a copy-cat – they won’t let these work in same way as on Android nor will make them available on home-screen

Instead, Apple might call them something different & make them available on lock-screen and probably on notification center – like we saw that happening with Stocks and Weather widgets. We can expect this to be yet another feature inspired by Cydia tweaks like IntelliScreen.

Reports are also coming in that Apple is trying widgets within the App drawer which will be under app icon and made available by long holding the app icon.

Lock-screen widgets & notifications on lock-screen do offer convenience of getting more info at-a-glance without needing to give full attention to the device.

4] New Multitasking (Like, Mission Control on Mac)

Multitasking on iOS has always been a part of concern – especially when new banking apps or apps offering online transactions are toggled. They just don’t offer seamless connectivity and the process is not any easy.

On the other hand, multitasking on Android has been a lot smoother experience and trust me, I am preferring Android in recent times, probably only for this feature which works very fast and is smooth even for any idiot.

5] New Icons & Enhanced UI (without any flat icons)

There are already plenty of rumors floating about Apple picking flat-looking icon style over existing Glossy feel. However, I strongly disagree with this move. Why? Because, the FLAT icons are a latest trend of minimalistic design, generally is related to the new Windows 8 or Windows Phone Metro icons.

Apple’s iOS and Mac OS already features excellent minimalistic & yet effective icon styles. Not just that, they have received a strong recognition about it across the world. Now, while facing a crisis about evolving iOS experience – changing icon style upside-down doesn’t make sense at all.

Hence, I think – iOS 7 will feature new icons to give a fresher outlook but I don’t expect them to go Metro icons way or anything similar. The only thing I suspect here that, Apple might decide to let go the GLOSSY overlay for icons. We also have heard about trials on using realistic icon designs inspired by Newsstand icon.

Do share your views on the upcoming iOS 7 & share with us if you certainly know of the new features coming in iOS 7. You can also email us using this contact form.


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