Apple seeded iOS 7 GM for developers today, immediately after the launch of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. During the event, they also announced official release date for the upcoming OS for public & the date is September 18, 2013

The iOS 7 GM update is only released via the developer center & downloading an IPSW is a mandatory step to install. iOS 7 GM will not be released via OTA and hence, if you’re searching for the download links to the IPSW – see below.

PS: We have made a list of all the new features of iOS 7 here.

iOS 7 Gold Master version is going to be almost identical as that of the public release update we will see in a few days. We’re only wondering if there are any interesting last minute changes or improvements other than what we are tracking in iOS 7 features post

Installing a Beta or GM versions will make it difficult for you to downgrade back to older iOS version – so, if you are not sure yet – do not proceed further.

PPS: You will require iTunes 11.1 or above to be able to install these updates. So, you better download that first & then follow with the download links for iOS 7 GM

iTunes 11.1 Download Link

  • Mac: Download iTunes version 11.1 Beta (with iTunes Radio) needed for iOS 7 GM (Here is a Mirror link)
  • PC: This version does not exist officially yet. So, if you’re on a Windows PC – you may be able to install iOS 7 GM on older version of iTunes but beware – it will not sync. So, better – keep calm and wait for Apple to act wise to release one.

iOS 7 GM Download Links (.ipsw only)

iPhone 5
iPhone 4S All Models
iPhone 4
iPad 3
iPad 4
iPad Mini
iPod Touch 5th Gen

Trying iOS 7 GM on Windows? Note this

As said above, if you’re impatient and can’t wait for Apple to release compatible iTunes & public release of iOS 7 – then you should know that, you cannot sync your updated iPhone. This also means, you won’t be able to restore iOS backup / anything on the new device.

Now, if you are not concern about other files – but just want Contacts to be restored so you can at least use the phone. To be able to do this, read about backing up & restoring contacts without iTunes post. Disclaimer: This is just an idea & I have not tried this with iOS 7 GM yet. So, do on your own 🙂


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