Facebook Home for Android officially release in US but you can download APK instead

Last Thursday, Facebook and their team announced new Home on Android. It’s a fully integrated Android app designed to offer streamlined social media experience throughout the mobile operating system.

Facebook was lacking its space on mobile devices and it was a matter of worry for everyone in the company as well as to the business analysts.

Whether or not Facebook Home for Android can become the exact rescue tool the company was looking, is something I am not very sure about… because due to a lot of privacy issue still hovering – I never even picked to sync contact pictures on my device and never let Facebook chose friend suggestions using mobile contacts.

On the contrary, Facebook Home does look very interesting – especially for the people addicted to use it throughout the day and night.

Facebook Home is more like a multi-dimensional app where SMS and Facebook messages are combined together, lock-screen and home-screens are made to give live feed from friends’ update and pictures and what not . . .  a very similar to (or a stolen idea from) Live Tiles on Windows Phone and Facebook Chat is available across OS irrespective of what app is being used

You would love it if you love Facebook – otherwise don’t even bother to look beyond the usual Facebook app.

Facebook Home for Android officially release in US but you can download APK instead

List of compatible devices

As of today (unless mentioned in the updates below), Facebook Home is released only for Google Play USA Store. And, very few devices are compatible to install it. If you live in other countries, you might see an error message on Play Store that says, one or all of your devices are not compatible with this app.

Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3, HTC One X, HTC One X+ and Galaxy Note-2 are compatible to install official release of Facebook Home from Play Store. They will add more devices in a few days, but I couldn’t understand why they haven’t already especially after making so much glamour out of it!

It’s important to download latest updates for Facebook app and Facebook Messenger app on your Android device to be able to fully configure Facebook Home with new app permissions and settings.

Download Facebook Home APK

If you’re a Facebook lover and a non-US resident and you’re still very eager to install Facebook Home then you can download and install an APK, which is leaked online for download.

You can download and Install Facebook Home APK from here or from mirror site here.

What’s next?

After installing Facebook Home from Play Store or from the downloaded APK above, if you press ‘Home’ button on your mobile device – it will ask whether to complete action using default launcher or Facebook Home. Choose the latter to continue using it.

I tried installing Facebook Home on BlueStacks player (I wouldn’t give-in my mobile for Facebook too soon) with updated versions but for some reason couldn’t get it working as yet. It’s going into an installation loop forever. I will update you if it works that way.


Do share your thoughts about Facebook Home with us, I am eager to hear them 🙂


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