Microsoft wants to make iWatch-like device with suppliers from Asia

Microsoft is watching the smart-watch sector very closely and according to the reports on WSJ – the company is working on a touch-enabled watch device, very much like an iWatch.

Unnamed executive at the unknown supplier (probably from a Taiwan-based company) is confident about the ongoing and Microsoft’s intent of competing with Apple and Samsung – two definite market leaders in mobile gadgets.

Wearable gadgets sector is receiving lots of buzz in recent times after the reports of Apple’s iWatch with curved glass display and Samsung’s wearable device which eventually received an official statement from the company.

Microsoft wants to make iWatch-like device with suppliers from Asia

Pebble Technology Corp. – A startup with a crowd-funded Pebble Watch project is already selling a smart-watch that syncs with a mobile phone to send notifications.

Sony – a long ago – brought a similar watch but it never stepped up neither the buyers were happy with it.

Even the wearable gadget isn’t something totally new to the company like Microsoft. They did come up with a ‘Smart Watch’ a decade ago to offer news, sports scores and IMs over FM radio for a paid subscription-based model. It never did well and the sales stopped a few years ago.

Smart watches to me wouldn’t be that entire great productive gadget to have unless; we want to flaunt some awesome-looking digital watch dials.

It’s always weird to see these tech companies following each other to come up with some tweaks & then throw new products in the market.

Touch enabled smart watch is probably the next cool thing but, do you think they’re as useful as the smartphones; especially, when we will have to carry a smart phone in any case?


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