Rarely a day goes by where we don’t come into contact with any form of technology. Laptops, tablets, smartphones and games consoles are all regular features in our lives, and we have become increasingly dependent on them. Our heightened usage has called for more ways to keep these systems secure. From malware to the Trojans to viruses, your computer faces thousands of risks every time you go online.

In order to keep our personal details and private information secure, we need to install effective preventative methods to combat this malicious software. In this post, we’ll run down some of the main points in keeping your IT systems safe.



Perhaps the security system we’re most familiar with is the anti-virus software. It is an effective way of protecting our laptops and desktop PC’s from third parties’ attacks. It is an obvious choice for many, with Norton and McAfee manufacturing some of the most popular packages along with Vipre.

Even though we all know about their importance, some people still don’t have a package installed on their device. This leaves them open to many different attacks and renders their devices insecure.

Cloud Storage


One of the most recent technological developments has been the advent of cloud storage.

Previously, we were reliant on USB sticks, external hard drives and, at one point, the floppy disk to keep our stuff once we’ve logged off. While these were handy devices, if you lost or misplaced them, it was impossible to retrieve your work.  That’s where cloud storage has changed things. Rather than using a physical device, it involves saving work to a virtual server, usually owned by a third-party.

Using a remote database has a number of benefits. Not only will you have access to more space, but you can use your data from anywhere, as long as you are connected to the internet. Additionally, you can alter restrictions to allow others to get access to the information too, making group and collaborative work a lot easier.

However, many people are concerned with the security of cloud storage; if you can get access to the documents remotely, who else can? How do we know if the information has been tampered with when moving from your computer into the space itself?

All of these issues can be rectified by simply selecting a reputable and professional company & it is a need in today’s technological world. Carry out some background research before you decide to use them; often, other people’s experiences are a great way to judge whether something is right for you. Ask people on social media sites & they will help you in great details.

Mobile Devices


In recent years, mobile devices have experienced exponential growth. From the smart phone to the tablet, these convenient gadgets are staples of our everyday life. We use them for everything, from playing games to shopping online to checking our emails.

One of the biggest draws of these devices is their portability. Unlike the cumbersome laptop or the fixed desktop PC, the tablet can easily be used on-the-move. Simply join a Wi-Fi connection and you’re online in an instant.

Many places now offer free Wi-Fi as standard, to keep up with our technologically advanced lives. However, connecting to these services can put your personal details at the risks, as other people can also connect and interject the data sent from your device.

Working much like the typical PC’s antivirus software, mobile security solutions work to protect your device from any incoming threats and hacking. Not only will these systems block security attacks, it will also scan any apps for potential bugs and threats. You can try VirusBarrier antivirus for iOS devices too.

There are many suites available. This article from Forbes is a good place to start, as it reviews some of the best mobile security solutions on the market.

Sourcing these security packages individually can be time-consuming, not to mention costly. However, companies like TSG are specialists in IT security software, so they can quickly and easily compile a package that is tailored specifically to your needs. They will choose programs that work well with each other, streamlining how your system operates.

However you source them and whatever package you choose, these additions are vital to the safeguarding of any device. IT system security cannot be ignored. Let us know via comments if you have any questions.


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