Planning To Buy A New Phone In 2019? Don't Proceed Without Reading These 4 Tips

Phones are not the cheapest of purchases in general, so doing all the research necessary before settling on any particular model is of the essence. But since the market is packed full of so many different choices, how are you going to be the judge of which one is the best for you? While only you can make the call and decide what’s the most important thing to you, answering the following questions will provide you with valuable tips you need to make an informed buying decision:

What are you mainly going to be using it for?

If the answer is ‘work’, then you might be better off investing in a PC. Many people like to do at least one part of their work on the go, so getting a laptop would probably be more suitable. Laptops are sort of a middle ground between power and portability, and there are many laptops for rent you can try in order to get a feel for their functionality before purchasing one for long-term use. That being said, a phone is still a great choice if your tasks are simple in nature and don’t require a lot of precision or writing huge chunks of text.

Do you only need it for a certain period of time?

Travelers, for instance, tend to gravitate towards staying in a certain area for short periods of time and not really dropping down their anchor. Also, there are certain smartphone users who like to try out new things on a frequent basis and are rarely entertained by the same model. Those who count themselves in either one of these groups will be pleased to know there’s always the option to rent phones online. That way, you end up paying less and can make the switch to a new model whenever needed.

Do you prefer using Android or iOS?

Choosing the best operating system for your smartphone is a matter of personal preference. But what if you’ve never used either one of them and aren’t sure which one would best suit your needs? In this case, you should visit one of the brick and mortar stores and play around with a couple of different phones until you get a clearer picture of what you’re after. But generally speaking, Android is for the tech-savvy crowd who’s bent on customizing everything, and iOS is for those who would just like to get the most user-friendly experience possible.

How often do you tend to change your phone?

Sticking to the same phone for longer periods of time makes sense if you purchase a high-end model that’s designed to withstand the test of time as much as possible. On the other hand, if you tend to get tired of your phone after a short while, constantly opting for high-end models could wreak some serious havoc on your bank account balance. In this case, going for cheaper models or renting a phone is definitely the preferred way to go.


Life without smartphones would surely be much duller in comparison. They’re fun, interactive, and engaging. Thanks to being able to rent one on the cheap, those who like to have their fun with changing different models often can do so without breaking the bank. What’s stopping you from taking advantage of this and having your share of the fun?