Microsoft sources – who declined to be named publicly – have put some light on the company’s plans about the all new Windows 8.

Microsoft was determined to finish working on Windows 8 by the end of May 2012 and are focused to release their new OS in October (Or in November) 2012. Windows 8 will roll out on both Intel & ARM chips as promised long ago.

I think it would be too late to hold a launch event on November 10, 2012 considering that, Apple will hold an event in September/October to release new devices and iOS 6 which was announced recently.

The sources also said that – The timing for October/November release is entirely outlined, considering the Christmas shopping where people would love to buy new touch-screen tablets, laptops or desktops with Windows 8.

New Windows 8 releasing in October… would be the ideal situation for everyone.

Many analysts believe that – If Microsoft misses this deadline, they will have to stuck without being able to ship anything before 2012 and this will mark as a great loss. And, the last thing Microsoft would want to miss out on an opportunity of brighter sales in holiday season.

Microsoft has so far strictly controlled the number of ARM devices and has set very strict quality standards ahead of the companies most ambitious software product. In an effort of doing so – they also asked HTC to stop producing these tablets. Apparently, Nokia is also working on a tablet, but we haven’t heard much on its announcement yet.

Windows 8 is now under Consumer Preview. You can download Windows 8 CP here and see system requirements. In June event, they may announce it’s finalized version.

Many people are giving feedback on Windows 8, which surely will help Microsoft analyze & fix the issues well in time. Some of the younger users are struggling to get used this Metro Style interface. One of the missing part of Windows 8 was a Start button, but then I found a tweak on – how we can get the start button on Windows 8.

While, using this consumer preview – its very unfriendly to go back to the Windows XP or Windows 7 PC to be able to use iTunes, for instance. The company will have to work with these important software product companies to design a success path for Windows 8 – just a redesign of the software or gizmos won’t help.

Microsoft Windows always ran well on Intel chips till now, but the full OS versions were never used on ARM architecture until Windows 8 Developer Preview was planned.

It would be interesting to see, how the company manages to run Windows 8 RT on ARM chips and whether they really manage it well in time or not. It’s a tough challenge.

Update 1: Microsoft Surface – a PC and a Tablet

On June 18, instead of giving a larger picture about the company’s plans – Microsoft announced Surface as their entry in the tablet war to take on Apple iPad. Read details here.

Old Video showing Preview of Samsung’s Windows 8 Tablet

Update #2: Windows 8 Release Date finalized for October 26, 2012

As reported earlier – my guess wasn’t wrong much. Yes, the all new Windows 8 will release and be available for purchase from October 26 this year.

BUT… It won’t be available as a standalone OS for direct purchases. Users running XP or later can upgrade to Windows 8 or you can buy new Windows 8 PC to get this new OS.

Microsoft has a lot of hopes from this new OS which looks stunning… while, users will have some tough time to get used it. Hence, it will be interesting to see how the market reacts to it when made available public.

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