Acer Aspire One Happy 2 Netbook: Now in India with Android and Windows 7

The world didn’t end according to Mayans but the Netbook era is surely ending with the year of 2012.

ASUSTek recently announced ending their Eee PC product line after this year while, Acer too has decided to not produce Netbooks anymore.

ASUS and Acer were responsible for bringing the Netbooks to this world and their decision to stop producing it, officially brings Netbooks era to its end. However, they will still continue selling Netbooks in emerging markets such as South East Asia and South America till stocks last.

Netbooks were available at approx. $300 with a 10 inch screen & quickly became popular due to its portability with full-featured PC experience & on-the-go Internet browsing.

The Netbooks to go extinct after 2012, Acer & ASUS calls it OFF

Release of new Windows 8 – which does not support Netbook’s 1024 x 600px screen resolution, availability of Surface, iPad, iPad Mini and other Android tablets are some of the reasons for decreased sales or demands.

All of these new devices offer same or better features than the Netbooks.

Another major chunk of competition is posed by Ultrabooks, though their price is too high (nowhere near Netbooks) which, eventually will come down in 2013 – Users looking for comfortable portability & battery backups have already started buying Ultrabooks instead of Netbooks or Notebooks.

Well, it’s time to say goodbye to Netbooks.



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