iPhone Tweak: Contact Pictures + Time Stamp with SMS Enhancer

SMS / Text messages were meant to be short and plain for the sake of its meaning that uses lesser bandwidth and does quick communication without voice in low-cost.

But recently things have changed and technology made it possible to send plain text (technically) but at the same time make the user interface look enhanced on sender and receiver’s mobile screen. There are low-cost multimedia messaging services like WhatsApp messenger and new iMessage for iPhone on iOS 5. Yeah, things are changing.

It’s good to have a juiced up interface for reading SMS messages like this SMSEhnancer tweak that is available for jailbroken iPhones that can show pictures stores for contacts show on a conversation windows in Messages app and time stamp every incoming and outgoing SMS (text) messages.

Currently in iOS time stamps only appear on conversations after a specific time intervals and not for every message.

What is SMS Enhancer?

SMSEnhancer is a tweak committed to take your SMSing experience to another level. With SMSEnhancer, you get to see your contact’s picture right inside from your SMS app giving you the feeling of a real IM client like iChat.


iPhone Tweak: Contact Pictures + Time Stamp with SMS Enhancer

System Requirements & Link

SMSEnhancer is available for jailbroken iPhones with iOS 4 or higher via BigBoss repo on Cydia as a commercial package for $0.99 only.


The price for this tweak is good for people who are a fan of IM like interface and have pictures attached for contacts with whom they exchange texts often.

I would have liked ability to fetch Twitter, Facebook profile pictures based on their email IDs of the contacts stored on the phone. This way, this tweak can be very useful because we can see their updated pictures than using older picture we might have clicked of them long ago and never happened to meet again lately.

Never the less, nice work by developer Alexandros Melakis.

Hope you like it 🙂


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