How many of you were looking for a feature something like this? I’m sure the number is in millions, the reason why this feature is included in the new iOS 5 version that Apple announced recently.

Hiding keyboard in Messages app was not possible even until 4.3.3. If you open a keyboard – it covers half the screen over conversations making it difficult to read sometimes. There was no way to go back to hide it.

About SMSHideKeyboard

This tweak acts on the Messages app. In a conversation view you can tap any chat bubble to hide your keyboard. No new icons added to your homescreen. There are no options to configure for this tweak.

System Requirements & Link

SMSHideKeyboard is compatible with jailbroken iPhone and available for FREE on BigBoss Repo.


This is a nice effort by the developer Dan Zimmerman by bringing hide keyboard feature for Messages. And thanks for keeping it free.

It would be even great if he can do it by attaching this behavior to the keyboard itself so that we can hide keyboard on any app.

You can follow him on Twitter here @DanZimm

PS: Hiding keyboard feature on is included in the new iOS 5. See 200+ features of iOS 5 here. This utility will come very handy of you decide not to upgrade to iOS 5 on 3GS and iOS 4.3.x for iPhone 3G.