Recently updated their Google Chrome browser for iOS and suddenly many people started complaining about it crashing each time they try to use it.

The Google Chrome crashing issue has been reported to bug tracker for Chromium Project. The answer marked as fixed says, the issue will be fixed in the next update which is not scheduled nor there is any ETA for the same. One should enable ‘Crash Reporting’ for Google Chrome on iOS to be able to fix the issue temporarily.

Not just that, after the detailed code analysis by @phoenixdev – it’s said that knowingly or unknowingly, Google Chrome developers have used an untested jailbreak detection code in their latest update.

@Saurik has confirmed the same on Twitter and suggested that – all third-party jailbreak tweaks for Google Chrome such as Browser Changer from BigBoss repo, Easy Refresh for Chrome will need to be fixed by their developers to overcome crashing issue, otherwise its best to have them removed.

Latest Google Chrome on iOS Crashes on Jailbroken Devices if Crash Reporting is Disabled

So, how to fix Google Chrome from crashing?

There are four different workarounds to fix this latest Google Chrome crashing issue on iOS & you can try any of these to get the app working for you.

Option 1: Install Older IPA file

If you by any chance have access to older Google Chrome IPA then, uninstall recently updated version and install that older version instead to downgrade

Option 2: Use SSH to enable Crash Reporting

Use the commands below to enable Crash Reporting. You can use WinSSH or Filezilla to do the same.

apt-get install vim nano findutils grep
cd ~/Applications
cd "$(find -iname 'Chrome' | grep Application Support)"
vim "Local State" # or nano
If vim: /reporting
If nano: ^W reporting
Replace false with true
If vim: : x
If nano: ^X y
killall -9 Chrome

Option 3: Remove all Google Chrome & Its jailbreak tweaks

You will need to uninstall Google Chrome and all the third-party jailbreak tweaks based on Google Chrome which you downloaded from Cydia. Then you can reinstall just the Google Chrome & then unable Crash Reporting under settings.

Please note that most of the jailbreak tweaks for Chrome at the moment are not compatible & their developers will need to release update to fix the issue.

New Option 4: Install Chrome Crash Fixer tweak

Well, new option to fix crashing issue is now available on a private Cydia repo. You can download and install this utility as stated below

  1. Quit Chrome if its already running then open Cydia > Manage > Add Sources
  2. Add new Cydia repo: and let it download packages
  3. Browse for jailbreak tweak called: Chrome Crash Fix and install it

Google Chrome has no plan to release a quick fix to this issue nor they are committing to any ETA for the same. The issue is not just limited to one type of device and is reported on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

I wonder why would they do it in the first place! Let us know through comments if you have any questions.


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