Alright, there wasn’t much to talk about after the initial coverage on iWatch. But now, few new reports are coming in from various sources about watches release date & hardware specifications. The new smart watch from Apple is reported on schedule for Q4-2014 release (October to be precise).

As reported by CtechCN, they have insider information about the two iWatch prototypes which were of different sizes & featured 100 mAh batteries. The report also says that iWatch is in receipt of some good feedback; however, the size of the smart watch is not yet finalized.



iWatch will support wireless charging

Not just that, the iWatch prototypes were also tested with wireless charging support & eventually will see a release including the wireless charging feature.

Some of existing wireless charging solutions require a device to be placed on a board, but in case of watch – the new Apple’s wireless charging technology will not need us to use the charging board. The iWatch can receive a charge via a wireless device on to the straps or body, as long as it’s within the range of 1 meter from the charging station.

iWatch Battery & Display

The latest reports do align with our earlier report on the Apple device’s display sizes for upcoming product lineup. There we reported that, there are two screen sizes, 1.3 inches & 1.63 inches respectively, being tested by Apple. The resolution for iWatch display might be 320x320px.

In these recent updates they say, the watch will feature 100mAh battery, but people are not happy with this capacity due to lack of stand-by time it may offer. The early entrant Samsung Galaxy Gear is receiving criticism due to lack of power despite having 310 mAh batteries.

It would be interesting to see how Apple takes care of all these factors into consideration. People will not like to charge a smart watch as often as they charge smartphones. A smart watch should be able to sustain at least 3 full days like when people go out on a weekend getaway.

Such a small 100 mAh battery for an active display of 1.63 inches is not viable unless Apple has plans to bring Solar charging or Eco-Drive (Citizen) like charging options. Well, all about the watch is not at its end & more rumors or more updates will keep flowing in another ten months. We’ll bring them to you. What do you think about the iWatch? Do share your thoughts in the comments and let us know if you have any questions.



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