Samsung Mobiles released their new Galaxy SIII in US and Mexico in last two days. These markets (including UK), are more favorable to Apple products such as iPhone and iPad

Realizing the difficulty in converting iPhone users to their competitive hi-end Galaxy series Android phones – Samsung is now offering Easy Phone Sync app exclusively to its customers. You can download & install this app on Android device & Windows or Mac computer. See download links at bottom of this post.

Easy Phone Sync will allow syncing all the iTunes data such as Messages, Contacts, Music, Videos, Pictures from an iPhone to Samsung Galaxy Android phones.

Samsung Easy Phone Sync

Although, I couldn’t understand why Simon Stanford (VP of Telecommunications and Networks for Samsung UK) said – iPhone users are reluctant to switch-over because they couldn’t use iTunes to manage their content, as mentioned by Techradar.

I am using both. an iPhone and a Samsung Galaxy series phone – but I don’t use iPhone because I can sync with iTunes – in fact, I am sure iPhone users would like to have data transfer flexibility like Android has.

Whatever ! 🙂 – but, having this app available will make sure iPhone users don’t need to worry about their iTunes data, when shifting over to Samsung Galaxy series phone such as Galaxy SIII.

Samsung would definitely like to convert those iPhone users to Galaxy before iPhone 5 peeps out from somewhere. One – smallest – but real information leak about the iPhone 5 will make things a lot tougher for other handset manufactures to be able to convert iPhone & iOS user.

Download Easy Phone Sync for Android

Download EPS Google Play store for your Galaxy mobile device

Download Easy Phone Sync for PC & Mac

You can download both Windows & Mac version from website. Easy Phone Sync app is exclusively available for Samsung only Android mobile phones.



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