Windows 8 release scheduled for October 2012

Microsoft today announced prices for their upcoming operating system Windows 8. The newer Windows will be available as upgrade-only software.. unlike Windows 7 ($200) which is available as a full, stand-alone OS installation.

Windows 8 DVD upgrade pack is priced at $70 per pack which is available for pre-order & download-only package is priced at $40 which will be available from its launch date on October 26 .

Computers running Windows XP, Vista & Windows 7 can upgrade to the latest Windows 8 but, Microsoft is yet to reveal price & release plan for full OS pack.

If you’ve purchased Windows 7 Desktop or Laptop between June 2, 2012 or happen to buy one before January 2013 then you can upgrade to Windows 8 PRO for just $15 or Rs. 699/-. Pre-ordering branded Windows 8 Desktop from Samsung, Dell, Acer is also now possible however, they only be available after October 26.

Microsoft has already announced Windows 8 versions and revealed Windows 8 App Store few weeks ago.

No plans revealed for Microsoft Surface tablet yet.

How many of you are willing to upgrade?



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