iPhone 6

The new updates are coming every week about the new iPhone 6 designs & overall built, as we come close to the real official announcement – which is expected to happen sometime in August 2014, & the release will happen sometime in September 2014. We’ve already seen some of the earliest iPhone 6 photo leaks through very realistic mock-ups.

Latest reports are affirming the similar design pattern for the upcoming iPhone 6 (or iPhone Air) & will be running the newly announced iOS 8. The new iPhone is most likely to come in two different display sizes.

The newly released image shows the Apple logo on the back plate, clearly visible on both sides of the plate & it’s obviously done so with a purpose. The new iPhone 6 will have a MacBook-like lit-up Apple logo on the back side. This move will clearly make the new iPhone 6 design to stand-out more in the crowd while adding the typical Apple’s elegant touch to the new device. We’ve rendered an animated GIF for your reference, see image below.

iPhone 6 lit-up Apple logo
iPhone 6 with illuminated Apple logo on the back side

All other existing iPhones are not huge in size & they did not have any similar provision because, most of the back plate would hide behind the palm when in use.

New iPhone 6 will definitely feature a much thinner body, a slight curve on the screen edges & roundness to the outer body. It might well look very close to HTC One X or M8 & will feature Space Gray color for the back.

Some of the previous reports also suggest great improvements in the camera & with all the new camera related features of the iOS 8 – we might just see a completely different approach in the camera hardware used on the phone for creating layered imagery & possible inclusion would be a light-field camera like Lytro.

The latest report also indicates using a range of smart sensors on-board, NFC connectivity, Infra-red as part of the hardware specifications.

As we’ve heard, chances are the new iPhone 6 will cost $100 more than current price, making it the most expensive iPhone till date, however, it would be interesting to see how the pricing is decided for both, two different sized iPhones.

Feeling excited about the new iPhone with lit-up Apple logo? Do let us know in the comments below.


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