Samsung Galaxy S4: Five Software Features That Makes it Unique

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is undoubtedly the most anticipated phones of the year due to its incredible and portentous features including a very predictable hardware upgrades. The reputation of Samsung Galaxy S4 can be adjudged by the fact that it’s considered to the best smartphone made until today and the Galaxy series that made Samsung the largest smartphone manufacturer.

The uniqueness of these Galaxy S4 software features offers a fun-filling joy ride. Some of the features are considered to be quite innovative and engaging. It is often termed as a new-age phone.

The popularity of this phone can be adjudged by the fact that a mini version for Galaxy S4 has already been announced by Samsung and it will be launched in July this year. The incredibility of this phone has exploded the market dimensions for Samsung.

The software features of Galaxy S4 are also incomparable and already hitting the news. Some of the portentous features that differentiate this phone from the others available in the same class are as follows:

Eye tracking technology

This technology has taken the market by storm as it is an extremely fruitful experience for the user. With the help of this technology, the phone takes the help of its inbuilt sensors and scrolls through the page on-screen based on the eyeball movement.

It has kind of brought a revolution in the market and is extremely applauded by many tech-gurus and experts. Eye tracking technology is tactfully supported by Samsung Galaxy S4, which has made this phone  as one of the only phones available in the market that make use of this advanced technology.

The potential customers are very excited to use this technology after the arrival of this phone in the market.

Stunning Snapper

The camera of Galaxy S4 has been making headlines since the release of its specs. It sports a powerful camera of 13 megapixel which endorses HD capabilities.  The snapping capacity of this phone is incredible and separates it from the rest of the phone available in the market.

The camera of this phone supports features like Drama Shots to record audio on photographs; Dual-Shots to click the picture from the rear and front cameras simultaneously along with eight different templates to stitch them together which tell the picture story differently.

The video recorded with this camera are in the HDR quality and all these attributes place this phone at the premium segment of the market.

Air Gesture

Air Gesture is an extremely extraordinary technology entering the market. It lets the user accept or reject the call by waving the hand in the air. Qualcomm announced new gestures technology and I see it very close to what we may see in near future.

This attribute simplifies the work of a busy user. This also helps the user to change music tracks, browse the internet, see the photo and video albums while also do many other customized tasks.

This has received a roaring loud in the market and will be seen as an inseparable feature of Samsung Galaxy S4 and premium phones in the future.

Group Play

This feature is coming out as a surprise for the gaming buffs. This phone enables the game lovers to share their game play with friends and even compete with them in a certain set of games, like Asphalt Racing and Gun Brothers.

This is a new induced feature in Galaxy S4 that has kept the gaming community excited about the phone. Though this feature will only work if other friends have the same phone.

Air View

Air-view feature enables the user to preview pictures and videos in albums by hovering a finger over gallery, without actually opening them. It also offers a preview of the browser tabs, preview of email messages, etc. making; browsing experience a fruitful one for the user.

This is an extension of the already available Air View feature on Note-2 using the S-Pen.


The best feature embedded is the Translator. It easily translates the text or voice content from the other languages into multiple supported languages.

Imagine, you face an awkward situation in which you are stuck in a foreign country where people barely speak English, in this case the translator on this phone inputs the voice commands and returns the furnished English sentences.

This is what makes the translator feature very interesting. The people who are weak in English can customize the settings of translator in such a way that every text coming in English can be translated into their own mother tongue.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Video


It is the gravity of these incredible features that the experts highly recommend this phone to the users.

After the announcement of Galaxy S4 on March 14 in the USA, the phone saw a long delay in its release while competition such as BlackBerry Z10 and HTC One are already in the market. This delay has created a wave of anxiety among the Samsung fans and this phone continues to enjoy this legacy.

The S4 is now underway its World Tour of market release and the phone is being launched today as I write in India. Price in India for Galaxy S4 is tagged with MRP. Rs 41,500 but I am sure it can be grabbed for best price at Rs. 39,500.

Will you be buying the Samsung Galaxy S4 for these features? If yes, tell us through comments, why you like it than any other phone. Also, do let us know if you think more such unique features deserve a mention here.


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