Apple introduced Siri for iPhone few months back. The world took it as a BIG surprise & fell in love with this AI friend. Jokes were created, clones were made – but love for Siri remains as high as it was.

Initially, Siri was made for English-speaking users and was limited to US territories. Later, Apple announced localization support for other English-speaking countries and then for other languages like Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Italian and Japanese through iOS 5.1 update in 2012.

Other languages are still left unheard & untaught to this AI friend by her creators.

Developers community jumped-in with this opportunity to try different things with Siri for iPhone. They also brought Siri alternative through a jailbreak tweak for devices which are not supported officially. And some more successful attempts are made through other similar apps like SpeakToit Assistant for Android & iPhone.

Recently, there are further developments happening in getting Siri to speak in Hindi & Russian languages. Both efforts are made by different developers.

Siri in Hindi

Hindi speaking Siri was developed by @kunalkaul123, which he developed using a Google API server for translations and renders the results on-screen through that proxy server.

He said, lot of work still needs to be done to get it working more smoothly & accurately. None the less – very good start by Kunal, I must say.

Siri can speak in Hindi & Russian! Thanks to hard-working Devs

Siri in Russian

Russian speaking Siri is developed by Russia based developers group (@ sorex112, @ nmzik and @ iSmokeeZz). This is also achieved using a proxy server, configured using Spire.

However, this one does not rely on translations nor any Artificial Intelligence. The result merely returns the information fed by the developers. Hence, the input command to this Siri needs to be somewhat very close to what developers want to accept in to the program.

Siri can speak in Hindi & Russian! Thanks to hard-working Devs

Russian Siri developers are also working hard to make it more convenient & as close to her English counterpart. The process could be more time-consuming to reach to that level.

Both, Hindi & Russian Siri looks like – Developers pride, Apple’s envy! – type of thing. iPhone fans, speaking these two languages would definitely enjoy this ride. They would need to depend on these two methods unless Apple decides to release Siri in Hindi or Russian.

Kudos to both the developers. Keep up the good work. 🙂

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