Password protecting iOS apps like on Android is a need of the time with our extensive use of social media & instant messenger apps. People don’t want to hand over the phone to someone else in scare of revealing the conversations. Mostly, due to the kind of the confidential / important messages or images people share over SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram messenger or BBM messengers.

Android does offer enough flexibility & hence, the Play Store has many decent utilities that allow password protecting mobile apps, photo gallery or specific folders. This helps many of us lock WhatsApp messenger with a password, so no one else can see the conversations. However, this functionality is not available in IOS nor that anyone could create the same type of apps, due to the restrictions applied by Apple.

Thanks to jailbreaking an IOS – it opens up lots of different gates for getting the most from our iPhone or iPad. Adding features such as stamping date & time on photos, changing keyboard colors or enabling Smart Alerts on iPhone, wouldn’t have been possible without jailbreaking & its developer community.

We wrote earlier about the plenty of fake paid apps on iTunes Store that claims to add password protection to WhatsApp or WeChat apps & those do not work or at least not as securely as they should. And, as mentioned, this is because how iOS is designed.

Here is a new jailbreak tweak that truly works & why you should only use this as a solution. Locking apps is extremely useful in various situations such as; child using the phone often, phone is openly accessible to many people in office etc. In these situations, there are certain apps you would not like people to use.

In-built ‘Restrictions’ & ‘Passcode Lock’ setting on iOS are good enough to control access to various default apps & tasks but these cannot be used with any of the third-party apps available on the App Store.

Password Protecting iOS Apps


I came across a new free jailbreak tweak “LockY0urApp” in Cydia, it’s a new utility from the same developer who gave us color keyboard tweak. “LockY0urApp” has a free version that allows password protecting most of three apps at a time & the Pro version that allows adding a password lock to all or any apps on your iPhone or iPad.

This tweak lets us add Android-like pattern lock that password protects any iOS app including the iOS 7. I have attached a video demo below.

It works & immediately prompts for the password even though the app is running in the background. It allows setting up a common pattern lock for the app’s settings page & for others. The only drawback some of you may find is the absence of an ability to set different patterns for different apps. But, I think that’s not an absolute necessity.

Here is how to get it

  • Open Cydia & search for “LockY0urApp”
  • Choose either the free or pro version
  • Download, Install & then restart your springboard as prompted
  • A new icon will appear on your home screen
  • Tap to open it & set your pattern password for global use
  • Then toggle on/off from the list of apps you want to set password protection for
  • If you’re using the free version, it will allow only 3 apps at the max
  • Quit all running apps from the multitasking
  • Open any app that you toggled to use password & it will display a pattern overlay
  • Input the pattern you selected to unlock the app
  • That’s all

If you need to be using this pattern lock for more than three apps, you can always buy a PRO version for $2.99 from Cydia. It’s hosted on “thebigboss” repo. See details here.

My sincere thanks to the developer ‘MoonWolf’ for bringing this highly anticipated tweak to iOS. Now at least some Android fan-boys won’t be able to target iOS users for lacking such features.

Video Demo

Hope you like it too. If you have any questions or just wish to thank the developer, then feel free to comment below. Buy the Pro version to encourage, support development of more such apps & the community .


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